Morning and Afternoon sessions daily

Geoff's video gaming stream on Twitch is live from approximately 9am to 12pm, and again from approximately 1pm to 6pm, daily! Tune in to watch and laugh, as well as to engage live in chat alongside other citizens of "chat utopia." Geoff usually plays StarCraft 2 and other strategy related video games like XCOM and Dawn of War.



Geoff role-plays live as "Carriless Firm" in the tabletop RPG "Blades in the Dark" alongside fellow players Annemunition, djWHEAT, Ezekiel_iii, and GM John Harper. Shows air live weekly on itmejp's Twitch channel, but are archived on YouTube, as above!

Highlights and Vlogs

Featuring stream highlights, compilations, vlogs, and other musings, Geoff's YouTube channel is a good way to dive deeper into the world of iNcontroL. Check out the recent vlog, above, to learn about Geoff's plans for 2017, and visit iNcontroLTV on YouTube for more!

TBA: New Show On Twitch!

In his trademarked "announcement of an announcement," Geoff has teased the creation of a new show in 2017 that will feature himself and djWHEAT talking pop culture on the official Twitch channel. Watch for updates in the new year!